I don't even know where to start. Something just keep bothering me the whole night. It's just a photo but it led to thousands of hurts and a deep scar to me. A scar that can never be heal back. I kept asking myself why because it is just only a photo. But why? Why little apple? Isn't it from the song? Try singing the chorus. After singing the "you are my little apple" that sentence. There's something about love. Yea, maybe it's true. That's why. Who knows? Kept denying but inside the heart only you know. Ya, there's always something bout love that breaks my heary. Only 10% sia. Other 90% is not even me, See? Ya, little apple. I don't evem know what makes him type little apple and call her like that. People didn't show her teeth is not his problem. Wait, maybe it is his problem. Ya. Because her problem means his problem. When i didn't show my teeth then he'll say blablabla. Whatever. Wanted to help him post that photo but he keep telling me that she wanted to post that. Wow! What she wants to post he also know. But in the end, I didn't see she post that photo. Smile so wide when taking pictures with her. Nahh, lazy to care.

Ya, great. Whatever lah. I'm really tired. I'm sorry. There's no use apologising to me or anything eventhough i know you didn't apologise. Saying i'm the big apple lagi doesn't make sense. You think what? I'm your big wife and then she's your second wife? 2 wifes? So sorry. If it really happens that you have second wife, prepare for divorcing. I can't accept. Better staying alone. Small apple then suka suka say i'm your big apple. Think i'll be happy that you call me like that? Honestly saying, it's kinda gross calling little apple. Lol. Love me? Hahaha. Can't cure either. Just, any comforts doesn't help and it won't help. That's all. If you really have feelings towards her, go on. Tell me. I'll let go. Really. It's not a good choice going on like this with me when your heart is already not around. Editing caption? No use either. I'll still remember it. There's too much to say.

I don't hate people but i dislike people. Just go. Really. I feel like giving up at the same time after reading the caption. I can't. Ya, she's steady. I'm not. I'm noob. Ya, she's mature. I'm childish. She didn't show her teeth can while i can't. You look so happy when taking pictures with her. Even others asking to take pictures with teacher, you also ignore us first. "You show your teeth more pretty." Think i didn't hear? Said your on insta also think i don't know? Whatever. Do whatever you want. I know this won't be long. Goodluck. Thanks. Once the door is lock, it's forever lock. Sorry. What Shi Min lah, little apple lah, blablabla.

Too tired of crying.
I'm sorry. Take care. 

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