I know I've done a lot of wrong doings,
I know I've done a lot of stupid things,
I know I'm selfish, I only cared about my feelings,
I know I cared too much about friends,
I know I disappointed a lot of people but it's okay.

You know,
People change.
Either change to bad or good depending on them
We can't always stay the same.
No matter how nice or good you are, you still will be bad sometimes.
Everyone has a dark side that only some people will know or maybe none will know,
Everyone has limits that cannot be crossed over,
Everyone will be emotional at times especially when they're alone and during the night.

I really don't know,
Sometimes i just feel like giving up with this life.
I feel weak at times,
I can't do anything in a right way
Not even a tiny single thing.
But i know by giving up is not the right choice.
So, here am I
Standing strong with my own feet.

I know I disappoint a lot of people beside me.
Ya, I'm not good enough,
I'm not perfect,
I'm not nice to people sometimes,
I'm not a genius nor a professional one,
I know I'm bad.
You guys can judge me whatever you want
I'm okay with it.

I can't expect others to be the same as me,
To feel the same way,
To think the same way,
To do the same stuffs and on how to deal with problems
Or to understand how i feel.

I can't force people,
I can't control them either.
Maybe they just don't understand how it feels
Or understand the situation,
Because they never gone through the similar situation before.
I can't blame them
Maybe it's fate that my life will be like this
And the situation I'm going through it's a must for me before I die.
Not to complain,
No matter what I still have to go through it.
But sometimes it's really tough,
It's not as easy as it seems.

Dying seems easy,
But I can assure that it's not easy.
As long as I think positive,
I think it won't be a huge problem.
Smile, be positive and stay strong! :)

*sometimes being alone is better than having a lot of friends bcs there's too much drama

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